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The Oracle Of Eshe

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

The Oracle of Eshe Serial brings ancient Egypt to life. The sensual stories blur the lines between universal laws, long-held beliefs, and societal rules.

Each poignant love story is marred by chaos, strife, and battles between what the heart wants, what the psyche needs, and how the ego perceives the insurmountable odds. Through the characters, the spectrum of humanity is explored and ultimately revealed for its deepest desires, fantastically human flaws, and inexplicably wanton needs.

Series One tells the story of Shukura, a calculating woman who is driven by status.

Series Two follows King Mosi, a man torn between duty and his heart.

Series Three unveils Mahra, a young, rebellious girl who is unencumbered by rules.

These high-energy tales will immerse you into the majestic world of ancient Egypt, where class and status mean more than selfish desires and fated love. Drenched in culture, this serial invites you to visit one of the world’s oldest civilizations and explore all it has to offer – good and bad.


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