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Root Chakra Healing

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The root chakra is located between the base of the spine. It is red and represents the Earth element. It is associated with the physical field of the aura and regulates physical body. This chakra manages the body’s survival needs, including the need for food, shelter, and protection and basic instincts like procreation and fight-or-flight reactions. Family and tribal (i.e., societal and cultural) relationships relate to and influence the well-being of this chakra. It is relevant to achievements in the material world, strength of character, patience, endurance, and safety. Related organs and parts of the body are the anus, the genitals, the bones and skeletal system, the legs, and the feet.

When a root chakra is balanced, we are capable of physical activity, exercise, and taking action to provide for or defend ourselves. We remain grounded and present with a healthy and functional immune system, solid family and cultural relationships, and are able to confidently and consistently meet our survival needs. We maintain good levels of physical endurance, strength, health, weight, and vitality.

When a root chakra is deficient, we experienced blocked abundance and profession shortfalls. We have a history of present circumstance of significant family dysfunction, cultural issues, and conflicts. We suffer from a lack of feeling grounded, healthy, or full of vitality. We tend not to be dependable, feel incapable of managing day to day obligations effectively, have arousal issues, and will experience physical weakness, weight imbalance, fatigue, and overall malaise.

When a root chakra is excessive we experienced addictive behaviours, like hoarding hypochondria and eating disorders. We felt insecure or have a lack of confidence in our ability to survive in the world and may suffer from unsubstantiated fears or illness or other related survival fears. An excessive concern about material wealth, status, and ownership of material goods plagues us. We have weight issues and body image issues, never feel safe, and have frequent bouts of diarrhoea or constipation with no obvious physical cause.


Earth Mother, The Victim.


Saturn and the Earth.


Capricorn, Aquarius.

Crystals for the root chakra

Deficient - Smoky quartz.

Balanced - Ruby.

Excessive - Apache Tear.

Essential oils

Quietening fragrances - Cedarwood, Patchouli.

Balanced fragrances - Sandalwood, cinnamon, myrrh, ylang-ylang.

Stimulating Fragrances - Musk, Lavender, Hyacinth.

Food to support the root chakra

Proteins and meats.

Red food/drink such as red apples and red tea. Any food to encourage grounding such as nuts, seeds, rice, oats.

Colours to wear or home décor

Red, rose pink, black, brown, ‘earthy colours.’

Healing Practices

Reconnect with body; physical activities such as cardio, weights, running, dance, walking and sitting in nature, barefoot, gardening.

Lots of touch, like having a massage.

Look at earliest childhood relationship to mother.

Reclaim your right to be here.


It is safe for me to be here.

The Earth supports me and meets my needs.

I love my body and trust its inner knowing.

I am immersed in abundance.

Using a crystal laser wand from her healing kit bag, she opens and balances his chakras; then she places a crystal on each chakra: On the base chakra, she places a ruby crystal for vitality and grounding.

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