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Crystal Healing: Sunstone

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Sunstone is a feldspar crystal. It includes Hematite and Goethite which help it to refract light and creates iridescence when viewed from different angles. Often found in warm shades of orange, gold, red and brown and with a translucent look, the meaning behind Sunstone is focused on abundance and joy.

The Stone of Good Fortune

For those who need to bask in the warmth, feel light spill across their skin, and who find themselves way more energized in the softer months than the dark winter nights, the Sunstone is here to ensure you keep a piece of endless summer close by. A magical member of the Feldspar family, the Sunstone sometimes goes by other names like Aventurine Feldspar or Goldstone, but we think it wears the name Sunstone best. With its golden orange warmth, sparkling layers, and iridescent style when caught in the light, Sunstone embraces its kinship with the great ball of fire in the sky, echoing its lifegiving properties and glorious feeling that everything is going to be OK.

The Sunstone was uncovered first in the Fjord sweeping lands of Norway, it was said that the Vikings used this shimmering bright stone as a compass to find their way across the cold cobalt blue waters and onto greener pastures. Even beyond the ancient Nordic texts, the Sunstone was also said to be a beautiful healer in Native American culture and is said to have earned its shading from the blood of a great wounded warrior. Sunstone has crept to every corner of myth and legend with even the Ancient Greeks believing that this precious piece of warmth came from the sun god. Along with healing qualities, granting joy and gifting direction to those who feel unsure of which way to turn, the Sunstone is said to harness the power of the sun. It can lend light where there is darkness, bring warmth where there is cold, gift vitality where there is sluggish energy, and shake you up with joie de vivre and a heady dose of vitamin C for the soul. It is mined across the globe, not just in Norway but also in Greece, Russia, Canada, the USA, and India. To find out more about the sunny kiss of Sunstone keep on reading. Healing Properties of Sunstone Bright and bountiful, one glance at Sunstone is sure to fill your heart with positive energy and soak you in the spirit of good luck. This golden glow stone is rich in vitality, alive with life-giving magic, and just seems to make everyone smile thanks to its moods of balmy barefoot days and dreams. For anyone who tends to feel weighed down by chill winds, clouds, and early darkened nights, then the Sunstone is your spirited pick me up that is going to lift every element of your body, mind, and soul. If you are looking for an extra dose of solar plexus chakra cleansing, you can also pair this luminous piece of crystal light with yellow Labradorite, Fire Agate, Amber, or Yellow Apatite to turn its energy up to eleven.

Physical Healing Properties

Just like standing in the sunlight brings a sense of life and convalescence, the Sunstone too, knows how to immediately pick you up and put you on the path to strength and self-empowerment. For those who struggle with seasonal affective disorder, Sunstone can be just the extra dose of mental vitamin D you need to chase away those darker days. For those who suffer from problems like chronic sore throats, stomach tension, ulcers, or any issues that connect to the digestive system and metabolism. Since ancient times, this bright light stone has been used to help the body heal, whether from rheumatism and joint pain or even from cramps and fevers, the shimmer of Sunstone wants you in tip-top shape.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Step into self-empowerment and learn to own lashings of personal power as you say yes to the warming glow of the Sunstone. As one of the best healing stones for seasonal affective disorder, the Sunstone is an instant mood brightener. It’s an excellent choice for those who struggle to stick to boundaries. Sunstone shines its light and makes it easy to speak your truth, use your No when you need it, and to cut you off from co-dependent behaviour. Sunstone infuses you with worthiness, it hits all the right notes for ensuring that negative energies melt away and you are left with the radiance of optimism and a positive can-do attitude. While Sunstone is known for its bright sense of optimism that doesn’t mean that it coats everything with a rosy hue. This stone knows that for a healthy and balanced mindset, it's important to have a full spectrum of emotions, but it also knows that emotional intelligence comes from feeling rooted in self-worth, confidence, and the knowledge that no matter what happens you will find a spot of light in which to persevere.

Metaphysical Properties

Just like the sunlight chasing away shadows, the Sunstone is a cleanser of negative energy and ever ready to get to work on shifting blocks from your chakras. This is a stone that shares its colour cycles with the sacral chakra, the place that houses your unique inner chi. This is where your life force flows and where your sensuality and pleasure in experiencing the world sits. When our sacral chakra is cracked open we are able to communicate with ease, to move with inner grace, and to laugh with freedom. Sunstone also connects with the heart chakra, the place that teaches us how to give and receive love only and how to form healthy relationships and bonds with those who bring equilibrium and the right kind of energy to our life. It teaches us how to trust. Speaking of trust, Sunstone can also help us to clear our third eye chakra too, the place of our deep wisdom and intuition.

Zodiac Birthstone

Those born under the banner of Libra will love the fiery glow of the Sunstone. Librans are known for their sublime sense of idealism, their just and fair approach to life, and their gracious connections to friends and strangers. They can also be indecisive and a little self-pitying and tend to go well out of their way to avoid confrontations as they often fear the worse. The Sunstone helps by bringing the sparkle back to this side of their nature. It’s a stone that reminds them that they can own their power and present their boundaries without losing love or friendship. Leo’s too with their roaring strong personality and chock full of confidence, the Sunstone is a natural match for those born under the Leo sign. Super big-hearted, soaked in comfort, and ever a sunny disposition is truly what marks Leo’s out from the crowd. Of course, the Sunstone shines a light on all the lovely personality traits of the Leo but also balances them out so they can nurture those lush leadership qualities and live a full and beautiful life. How to Use Sunstone Let the golden rays of Sunstone fall into your life as you bring this positive stone into your life. Lending its guiding light, glimmers of glorious hope, and potent positivity there are so many benefits to having the Sunstone on hand or in your home. Whether you choose to brighten up a space with the tumbled glow of altar stones or if you pick the warmth of gemstone jewellery balancing around Sunstone, you are sure to feel your mood lift and life begin to bloom as soon as this goldstone is close by. Take a glimpse at the ways you can bring the healing energy of Sunstone meaning into your world.

Home & Office

Feng Shui magic and Sunstone go together in golden harmony. Bringing this bright luminous stone into your home is an easy way to lend light to a space that sometimes holds a gloomy energy. By having Sunstone over the threshold you are not only soaking the space in a sweeter sense of positivity but you are also helping to centre spiritual energy and bring about clarity. Remember, the Vikings turned to Sunstone for its guiding properties so by placing it in the office, creative studio, or anywhere you feel like you could use some extra clarity, the Sunstone is a sublime offering.


Bronzed and gold and splashed with shades of orange and yellow, the Sunstone is simply reminiscent of long hazy afternoons, fragrant wheatfields shimmering beneath the sky, and beautiful barefoot living when dreamy days seem to last forever. By choosing a Sunstone bracelet, crystal ring, or pretty pendant you can soak up all the benefits of having this soul-stirring stone pressed right against the skin. Let the healing vibrations, positive glow, and optimistic spirit sink right down and reach every darkened corner by offering an instant connection. For those seeking stones that infuse the Sunstone with even more self-healing power, you can match this healing crystal with the element of Moonstone to honour both elements and energize our own duality of shadow and light. You can also look to the protective qualities of Hematite or dark as night Obsidian. Those wanting to layer on even more lush positivity can also choose the glow of Carnelian, the sunny energy of Citrine, or the softer than light version of Selenite. Splashed with open and positive energy this may also be an amazing chance to nudge the crown chakra into complete cleansing, especially when paired with the serene style of Amethyst. Those wanting to add even more personal power to their third eye chakra can choose Labradorite or other more mystical stones.

How to Cleanse your Gemstone Even with its bright and bountiful personality, it is still important to keep your Sunstone cleansed and charged and splashed in the spirit of good vibrations. All crystals work closely with energy and this means that your crystal may be busy soaking up toxic moods and darkened thoughts. Rather than let it sit with this heaviness for extended periods of time, you can keep your stone light and illustrious by giving it a regular cleanse and charging it back up to a fabulous fizz. You can cleanse your Sunstone by smudging it with a little sweetgrass, sage, or whatever your favourite healing herb is. You can also keep it in the company of crystal clusters so it has a place to send that energy or you can run it under a flow of gentle warm water to instantly wash those bad vibes away. If you want to charge your Sunstone up you can leave it in a slant of sunlight. It comes as no surprise to hear that Sunstone adores the fiery rays. In the winter or times without a glut of golden sun, you can also charge by moonlight for balance or by burying your sunstone in a little rich earth. Sunstone is one of those crystals that is brimming with endless energy and ever ready to pick you up into positive power. Just like the warming kiss of the sun on your face, having this stone close by instantly rejuvenates the spirit. Staying grounded, having the zest for tackling all of life’s intricate ups and downs, forging sweet nurturing relationships and bringing about good fortune – sunlight is the most precious gold to be found across all the lands and it's perfectly captured in the Sunstone crystal. What are your thoughts on the shimmering power of Sunstone? Does it warm your heart? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and lets up our enjoyment of life

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