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Crystal Healing: Lapis Lazuli

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Lapis Lazuli comes under the category of Metamorphic Rock. It’s composition is mainly lazurite with calcite, sodalite, and pyrite. Lapis Lazuli is often found in shades of deep blue or purple which also contribute to the meaning behind its name. It was popular with artists who ground it down for its pigment. It is known for bringing wisdom and self-expression.

The Origin & History of Lapis Lazuli

With a name that dances on the tongue, rich history with royalty and artists, and a shimmering deep blue hue that leaves eyes wide in awe, Lapis Lazuli is the epitome of all we adore about the mystical world of healing crystals. Celebrated as being The Wisdom Stone, Lapis Lazuli was loved by the Ancient Egyptians and in paintings and scrolls is often seen adorning the Pharaohs, Queens, and Goddesses. Back then, it wasn’t just used as a jewel, but was even ground down to become eyeshadow and elixirs. The beautiful blue stone was one of the highest regarded gems in Egypt. It came from the oldest mines in the world was given to those of great prestige. From the sarcophagus to the breastplate of the high priest, few jewels in the world rose to the status that Lapis Lazuli was able to reach.

In Persian folklore and across the ancient shores of South America, the stone was said to be the starry sky shrunken down into a precious gem, perhaps already holding all the knowledge of the universe. In Islam, it was chosen to be a protector against the evil eye, and Buddhists too would turn to this stone as its soft healing energy paved the way to inner peace.

Even when we entered the middle ages and European shores, Lapis Lazuli hadn’t lost its celebrated splendour. Catherine the Great fell hard for the rich blue hues and had a whole room adorned in Lapis Lazuli. Michelangelo ground it down to blue pigment powder to make a striking shade of blue that we can see to this very day when turning our eyes heavenward when walking through the Sistine Chapel. What is it about Lapis Lazuli that ignites the mind and calls to the soul? Let’s delve deep into its healing properties and find out more about this spellbinding stone and its glorious blue colour.

Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties Lapis Lazuli comes from many far corners of the earth including the mystic corners of Afghanistan, the Ancient Roman shores of Italy, the new worlds of the USA and the wine-soaked lands of Chile. With a name that directly translates to Blue Stone in the old tongue of Latin, colour is the first thing that calls to you when it comes to Lapis Lazuli. A shimmering shade of deep blue, sometimes flecked with gold and with violet shades shot through, it’s no wonder Renaissance painters fell head over heels for this otherworldly poetic colour. But beyond the bright indigo and marine blue marriage of shades, Lapis Lazuli holds a whole host of healing properties and is known for revealing deep inner truths, inviting you into authenticity and showing you the magic of your own mighty will. Here are all the ways in which Lapis Lazuli can help you live your very best life and get into full alignment with your own true soul.

Physical Healing Properties

Just glancing at Lapis Lazuli is enough to lower your blood pressure. Its serene shades shift something inside, cleansing you from tip to toe in gentle grace. It’s a beautiful booster for the immune system, especially in times when you have been feeling sluggish, low, or just out of whack with life. Depression, insomnia, and vertigo are all conditions where Lapis Lazuli isn’t shy about lending a hand. It’s a stone that entices you back to balance mentally and this has an amazing knock on effect when it comes to keeping us upright in our physical lives. Lapis Lazuli also soothes inflammation and fights for both the respiratory and the nervous system. It unblocks problems with the throat and the thyroid. If you suffer from sore throats, vocal chord issues, or organ complaints, this stone works to flush the system and keeps you thriving.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Say yes to self-awareness and climb out of the shadows of suppression when you invite even more Lapis Lazuli meaning into your life. This healing crystal brings its rich shades of blue and regal flecks of golden pyrite to remind you of your own worth. It’s an incredible stone for bringing out that stashed away self-knowledge that leads to authenticity and the freedom to live in one’s truth. If you struggle to put yourself out there, if your confidence has been cut, then bringing the healing power of Lapis Lazuli into your daily life can be a complete gamechanger. As it’s a stone that encourages self-expression and invites you to speak the truth, this makes it an amazing tool for bonding relationships and forging close-knit friendships with those who can serve the true you. Being able to speak our truth is one of the most important things we can do to raise the vibrations of our soul. It helps us to stand true and strong in our own light, it cuts down on pent up frustration and anger, and it makes us more decisive in picking paths (both big and small) that are right for us. The truth can be tough sometimes, but its important to turn over that stone and see what sits beneath. Yes, you may find limitations, but you will also find the incredible chance for growth and glory. The Lapis Lazuli crystal reminds us not to be afraid.

Metaphysical Properties

The transcendental colours of Lapis Lazuli give the hint that this stone is definitely connected to the spirit realms. Of course, Lapis Lazuli is linked to the Third-Eye Chakra. This chakra is known for being the eye of consciousness, the one that sees all. As the sixth chakra its heavily motivated by knowledge, intuition, wisdom, and insight – basically all the things that help us to unravel our many layers to get to the core. If you have a block in your Third Eye you may feel it tricky to concentrate, to connect, and to keep your cool especially when the world around you falls into chaos. Stress, illness, and emotional upset can all have an effect on your third eye chakra. When you awaken your Third Eye chakra you may have the ability to see further and to use the dark blue lapis to tap into hidden psychic abilities. Lapis Lazuli is ever the stone to go one step further and it doesn’t stop at your Third Eye Chakra but also takes your Throat Chakra into account. As mentioned, it’s a Stone of Wisdom, and communication is also wrapped up in that. When the Throat Chakra is blocked you may struggle to feel heard, understood or you may just shy away from confrontation and expression altogether. Using Lapis Lazuli to unblock your throat and let the truth flow is going to give you that burst of confidence, clarity, and the ability to stand up for yourself that you may have been missing.

Zodiac Birthstone The major stone for Sagittarius, those born in the winter months can make the most of the midnight starry hues of the Lapis Lazuli stone. Sagittarians have many traits that connect them intrinsically with the blue stone. Often celebrated for being honest and forthright, but sometimes free from tact, Lapis Lazuli invites softer shades of communication so that you can speak your truth without tipping into upset. Sag’s can also be highly independent creatures and having Lapis Lazuli as an amulet works wonders with that, ensuring you get time that is truly your own without compromising on those close-knit relationships that are so important to help you rise up. Those born under the banner of Sagittarius also love a good philosophical debate, and as Lapis Lazuli is the stone of knowledge and wisdom, again, it encourages that light to shine. Libra, Taurus, and Virgo’s can also pick Lapis Lazuli to be their birthstone. The deep-water elements and the time for thought playing right into the hands of all those winter born babes.

Using the Lapis Lazuli Stone Welcome Lapis Lazuli into your life and make the most of the truth, wisdom, and spiritual wonder this stone brings to the table. Whether you choose gemstone jewellery to light up your daily life, or tumbled stones to sit at an altar of your making, whichever path you take, you will reap the benefits of this beautiful jewel. Here are all the ways you can say a big heartfelt yes to Lapis Lazuli.

Home & Office

Let Lapis Lazuli loose in your home and let the atmosphere soak up the spirit of heavenly gold and blue. Another bright and bountiful benefit of Lapis Lazuli is its ability to protect you from negative energy. Like a shield out on the battlefield, this blue stone takes the hit so your soul doesn’t have to. Another way in which Lapis Lazuli was used in ancient times was to ward off psychic attacks. This is a great stone to introduce to your office or working space, especially if you want a hand in matters of communication. Its deep wisdom will help you to find the way and problem-solving comes from a place of intuitive knowledge meaning that many missteps can be avoided. As a highly spiritual stone, Lapis Lazuli can be an effective tool to use in dream work. If you want to shake off insomnia and go deep into the dream world, then place Lapis Lazuli close to your bed or beneath your pillow as you sleep and let it do the work of enchantment.


Queens like Cleopatra, priests and pharaohs like King Tutankhamen have forever turned to the beautiful blue hues of Lapis Lazuli in jewellery, it's not hard to understand why. This stone is a showstopper and even healing properties aside, it looks absolutely glorious when worn around the neck, wrist or slipped upon the finger. The stone is beautifully complemented by gold which helps to mirror the flecks of Pyrite caught between the shades of blue. Jewellery is one of the best ways to wear Lapis Lazuli and indeed, any healing stone. Having direct skin contact means that your body can soak up all those high vibrations. When you wear a Lapis Lazuli bracelet - the gem has the opportunity to send the sparks of its power directly where it is needed in the body, mind, and soul. Other gemstones that complement the intuitive power of Lapis Lazuli include Labradorite with its well-matched mystical vibes, Howlite with its special powers of attunement, and Sodalite with its ability to bring emotional balance and settle the soul from panic attacks. In fact, any semi-precious stones that come in shades of ultramarine and riddled with the healing flow of white calcite will be a glorious match in raising the powers of Lapis Lazuli.

How to Cleanse Your Gemstone If you want to keep your Lapis Lazuli dreamy and ever ready to bring its healing powers to your door, it's important to keep the stone cleansed and charged when necessary. Warm soapy water is the simplest way to keep your gemstone gleaming clean although make sure that you avoid temperatures that are too hot when caring for your stone. Be sure to rinse it with fresh cool water to remove the soapy residue and dry thoroughly with something soft. If you want to charge up your Lapis Lazuli then leave it overnight in a bowl with tumbled Hematite to soak up the energy it no longer needs and refuel it with finery. Lapis Lazuli is a water stone and therefore the simple act of H2o can lead to it bringing that born-again energy to the table. This is one of nature’s finest gifts, so as much as you can be sure to keep your Lapis Lazuli away from toxins and chemicals. For centuries - this stone has survived on love and natural care and this is what you should do to keep it connected to its spirit realm. Lapis Lazuli is truly a divine gift from the gods. Few gemstones come with such illustrious history and even after all this time, still manages to bring the wow factor to the party. Having Lapis Lazuli in your life just seems to give things a spiritual shake up. It’s like the night sky blotting out all those troubles of the day and replacing worries with the comforting light of flickering stars. It makes it so that negative emotions just cannot survive in the world it builds around you. The stone has an incredible way of keeping your feeling safe and protected but in a way that doesn’t leave you closed. Your communication and your heart remain open and ready. For all those who feel they struggle to tap into that well of wisdom and intuition that sits inside us all, Lapis Lazuli could be the medicine you need to find that magic.

Shortly after their main meal, a maid comes to their quarters and hands Shukura a letter. She reads it quickly and then folds it up, clearly flustered by the message.

“My love, I have to go to see a friend who is in need.” She stands up and straightens her dress.

“At this time of the night?”

“I'm sorry, but I am needed.”

“What about me and Mahra? we were enjoying a nice family meal.”

“My love, I have to go.”

An excerpt from my latest novel The Oracle of Eshe: Serial


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