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Alchemical Transformation Through Divine Feminine Energy

Updated: Jan 7

Welcome, my beloved Soul Tribe, lets quantum jump our manifestations in 2024. Everything you need is inside of you as you are God's creation, and within that creation, God placed seven primordial chakras - the mystical gateways to alchemically transforming dreams into tangible wonders of 3D reality.

The easiest way to access these internal portals is through the subconscious mind which represents the divine feminine energy, an elixir so potent with creative ideas, that when released, it weaves through the seeds of your 'wants' and shapes your future worlds.

Also, deep within you lies the God code, intricately woven into your natural talents, waiting to be uniquely played out as God intended. You are a masterpiece, but due to societal conditioning, you may have formed a bad habit of debilitating inward chatter.

Think of your subconscious mind as a mental garden. Would you have weeds (a metaphor for fear and doubt) in your sacred mind-space? I don't think so, for you know the damage they cause.

2024 is the year you make room for your greatness, by first, monitoring your self-talk. If it sounds negative, then it is time to master your inner dialogue, as words have power, and I want my Soul Tribe to be so powerful that we change the emotional landscape of Earth, so that peace can reign alongside harmonious relationships with every embodied soul on this planet. Let us all play our part in creating a new Earth.

Happy New Year my beautiful Soul Tribe, a.k.a Alchemical Warriors ❤️❤️❤️

Artist Image Credit: Unknown


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