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Crystal Healing: Garnet

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The Stunning Garnet Gemstone The pomegranate stone of Garnet gleams with a dark red lustre that instantly stirs the soul. This precious gemstone has long been known for its rich connections to creativity and love. The Garnet comes with a thousand stories to its name. It was said to have been the only light on Noah’s Ark, marking it as a stone that held every single note of hope that there was an olive branch waiting at the end of a great struggle. Beyond biblical texts, the Garnet can also be found in the fables of Ancient Greece. Persephone is said to hold the key to where the Garnet first came into being. The Goddess of Sunshine was captured by Hades and carried down into the underworld. He tricked her into eating the gleaming pomegranate seeds which were said to have bound her to him forever. However, Persephone needed to walk in the light of the sun and wasn’t one to be kept shut away from the world. She struck a deal with Hades that she would split her time between the earth and the world beneath, and thus the seasons were born. The Latin word for Pomegranate is Granatum, and one glance at these bright red stones reminds you of how these jewels got their name. Because of the tale of Persephone, the Garnet has become a stone of courage and the power of positive thinking. It is also a talisman for travellers who are looking to find their way out in the world. The Garnet can be found gleaming in many corners of the world. It has been sourced in India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and beyond. It’s a gemstone of glowing sexuality, it is all fire and light, and it connects deeply to our root chakras (like all the red stones) but also goes to work on our solar plexus and our hearts too. For those who want to delve deeper into the fiery glow of the Garnet keep reading. The Different Types of Garnet

Garnet comes in many different forms making it an amazing stone of beautiful abundance. Each style of Garnet is blessed with its own healing properties, meaning you can pick the glimmering gemstone that works best for you. Grossular Garnet Shades of green come together to create the more popular style of the Grossular Garnet (although it also comes in red, gold, and orange). It’s a stone of abundance and is connected to the root chakras, the solar plexus chakra, and the heart chakra. Spessartine Garnet The Spessartine Garnet has been nicknamed the garnet of the sun thanks to its bright bold energy and gleaming golden rays. It’s a stone that shines its light on dark inner fears, illuminates the truth, and awakens creative energy. Almandine Garnet The Almandine Garnet is dressed in earthly shades, blending the impassioned red with the earthly hues of brown. It’s a root chakra stone and lends itself well to strength and courage. Pyrope Garnet The Pyrope Garnet is pink crimson charm and aligns itself well with the base and the crown chakras, gifting warmth and wonder from tip to toe. it is also known as the Rhodolite Garnet. Andradite Garnet Andradite comes in olive, yellow, and black and is a stone of safety and attracts close connections with others. It works with the base, the heart, and the solar plexus chakra to bring you into full-being and intimate alignment. Uvarovite Garnet The Uvarovite Garnet is a rare vision of emerald green. It’s a type of Garnet that stimulates the heart and brings a breath of spirituality. Garnet Healing Properties A richly healing stone, Garnet’s healing properties are plentiful. Whether shimmering red, green or gold, it’s a stone that serves up self-confidence, sexual energy, and true sincerity. For those who need a helping hand in standing strong and proud on this earth, take a look at the multitude of beautiful benefits brought to the table by the Garnet gemstone. Physical Healing Properties

For those who have low libido or issues around physical intimacy, bringing the Garnet stone into your life could be the best solution for kick-starting your sexual prowess. A powerfully sexual stone, the Garnet isn’t afraid to light a fire in your loins, to bring a sweep of energy, and to help you to feel ready to ask for what you want and need between the sheets. Radiating with warmth and the colour of rich blood, Garnet is also a glorious stone for helping flush out body toxins and keep circulation strong. It’s a stone that wants to keep your blood flowing, your heart beating, and your metabolism working to the best of its ability. For those seeking a stone that will help their body absorb much-needed nutrients, Garnet is your guy. Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

The stone of commitment, Garnet is a glorious gem for those seeking a helping hand when it comes to all things relationship. It’s adept at clearing out negative energies by flushing toxins, not only from your body but also your life in general. It works closely with those grounding chakras to keep you safe and steady on your feet and less likely to slip into traps of self-doubt and jealousy and all those traits that can get in the way of forging a close-knit bond with your loved one. Garnet is a highly uplifting stone with its rich colours and warming glow you cannot help but feel supported and nurtured by its deep healing properties. It’s an amazing talisman to have close for those times you may feel the need to be balanced out. It keeps you off the emotional roller-coaster by ensuring that your self-esteem is high enough to make healthy choices and that you approach life from a positive point of view. For those who often find themselves lost to a feeling of crisis, the Garnet is here to talk you down off that existential and emotional ledge. It kicks your survival instinct into touch, ensuring that no matter what trouble is brewing, that you are at your best and ever equipped to handle it. Metaphysical Properties One of the main spiritual gifts you get from the glow of the Garnet is that grounding force from your root chakras. Our base chakra is one of the most important chakras as it keeps us feeling safe and tethered rather than floating in space. When we feel safe, we are able to make choices that are connected with our authentic well-being. The Garnet also works well on the sacral chakra, which is the base of all our creativity and even our sexual selves. If you are seeking to stir up your chi and let light flow across your chakras, the Garnet is an amulet of amazing passion. Zodiac Birthstone

Aries, Leo, Aquarius, and Virgo all turn to the ruby red hues of Garnet as a guiding light. The Garnet is the traditional zodiac stone for Aries and lends itself well to bringing strength of the soul and a courageous heart to the table. As a sun sign, the glow of the Garnet brings gentle respite and her radiant rays. The Garnet can also be a glorious protector stone for those times when Aries signs need a helping hand in garnering respect from others. Leo too loves having the Garnet close by. Leos are known for their fiery energy, great strength, and courageous lion-like hearts. The Garnet mirrors all of this and so much more, making it a must in the arsenal of the Leo who wants to walk in fearless grace across the earth. Using Garnet Garnets have been used in bead jewellery since 3000 BC, it has been found in century-old tombs proving that this pomegranate stone is as durable as some of our most ancient things. As mentioned, it was a stone of travellers, a mark of the goddess, the unsung hope of biblical stories, and used for healing for many centuries. Today, the Garnet remains a gorgeous feature in gemstone jewellery and an important amulet to be used in Feng Shui and reiki healing. Here are all the ways you can welcome Garnet’s glow into your life. Home & Office

Bringing the Garnet into your home comes with a whole host of benefits. If you want to stir up your sex drive and get more action between the sheets then place a Garnet in the bedroom space.

For those who crave a boost in their creativity, then adding the Garnet to your studio space or office will work wonders for tapping into those intricate imaginative ideas. If you live in a house where harmony is forever being disrupted by drama or chaos, the Garnet can also be an amazing stone to bring peace and positivity back, especially when placed in shared spaces. As a talisman of travellers, this is also a great stone to stash in your backpack for your next worldly adventures. Garnet is a light bringer and an illuminator meaning that with this stone close at hand you will always be protected and you will always find a way. Jewellery

If you want to truly connect with the soul-stirring force of this glowing stone, the best way to bring it into your life is by wearing Garnet jewellery. As a bracelet, a pendant, or even a ring, healing stones are so much more powerful when placed directly against the skin as their healing vibrations can flow right through and connect to your chakras. If you are looking for stones that suit your Garnet, the healing properties of Obsidian make an amazing match for the passionate stone. You could also look to Tourmaline another of the protector stones. For a different feel when it comes to crystal healing, the loving energy of Rose Quartz will also help to balance out the sexual prowess of your Garnet which can ensure a healthy and balanced relationship across the body, mind, and soul. How to Cleanse Your Garnet Crystal Keeping your Garnet cleansed and charged will ensure that the red stones stay ripe and ready to bring their healing power whenever it is needed. For the wearer who relies on the rippling energy of the Red Garnet, a regular cleansing makes sure that it shakes off any negative energy and is ready and refreshed to help you with whatever the world sends your way. Cleansing your Garnet is simple, a little soapy water goes a long way in helping this sun stone to shine once more. Make sure that the water isn’t too hot as Garnet brings its own warmth. Also, be sure to rinse well and dry your Garnet completely. If you are looking for a way to turn up the volume on the potent power of your Garnet you can recharge your healing crystal by leaving it on top of a cluster of rock crystals who will happily absorb all those bad vibes and infuse your Garnet with an endless flow of love. You can also place your Garnet in sunlight for a short while to let it lap up its favourite element. Garnet is a glorious stone to bring into your life and to help you let go of your inhibitions. Whether seeking a little pick me up when it comes to your libido, looking for some deep root chakra healing, or wanting to tap into those laws of attraction, the Garnet is ever ready to illuminate the way. Just like the light that led Noah through the dark, or like the red fruit that forged the rise and fall of the seasons, Garnet’s connection to mythology is no magical coincidence. This gleaming red gem brings vitality to the table, inviting you to always feel the glow of your inner warmth no matter what is going on around you.

Senet begins to talk about the when Amenei came to her home to ask her father for her hand in marriage.

"I never really knew why you chose my sister? Was I not attractive enough?"

"No, no that was not the reason. When I first set eyes on Shukura, it was as if I had known her before. It felt right, like the only choice that I could make."

"But I would have loved you deeply if you had given me the chance."

"I have a feeling you would have been a loving wife."

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